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MPPA Award & Recognition Program

February 09, 2017 11:00 AM | Crystal Reynolds

It's time to submit your points towards MPPA awards and earn your lobster pin! 

It's that time of year again … it’s the new year, the temperatures are chilling, and if you are like me, you are taking advantage of being a little slower in January to finally get everything cleaned up, sorted, and ready for the new year. It’s also time for you to reflect upon this past year and determine what you may have accomplished or participated in to earn you points for our MPPA Reward and Recognition Program. Have you attended an MPPA event? Or been a speaker? Or gotten photographic education? Those are all worth points!

Not sure what the programs is about?  You can find the details and the entry form online here.  This link gives you details about the program and opens up an awesome electronic form that you can fill out and submit online (easy!). Please fill out the form by February 15th. Forms submitted after February 15th will still be accepted for points BUT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY AWARDS AT CONVENTION because if we don’t know about it by February 15 we won’t be ordering enough awards. 

Don’t put it off … just take a few minutes to submit your points. We’ve made it easy – with a click you can see all the MPPA events from the past year, so if you were wondering “what did I attend” hopefully this will help refresh your memory. Plus we had sign-in sheets at all events this year, so we can double check and make sure you get credit for attending. It's fun to have a competition with your fellow members and friends to see who can get the most points each year … and see who will be the first to receive a Maine Photographic Excellence Award or the Maine Fellowship Award.  Remember, if you earn 12 points in a calendar year, you’ll get one of our awesome Lobster Pins, so look and see what you may have already earned.
Earning points is SO EASY!  You get a point for just for being an MPPA member, and one more for each Maine (or other approved) photographic meeting/seminar you attend.  This has been a great year of education (and fellowship), and you can even earn points for attending social events like the summer BBQ! And attendance is just a small part … if you entered print competition … or volunteered on the MPPA Board or Committees … or hosted an event at your studio … more points!  So check out the rules/info and fill out the forms on the website. Lets see if someone can beat Trish Logan who has had an INCREDIBLE amount of points the past 2 years – she needs someone nipping at her heels!
Any questions?  Contact Claudia Murray at 207-883-9646 or  Good luck, and we hope to see a lot of new award recipients at convention this year.

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