joanne (2)“Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus.”

No, I don’t have my seasons confused with all of this cold weather and snow in April. I’ve been thinking about all of the wonderful information that photographer Thomas Morelli, shared during his class on Sunday. YES! YES!  It is possible to be a successful photographer in 2014. Yes, Virginia, there are successful photographers!

Thomas gave us important information on how to put the right tools and systems in place to make our businesses more successful. In today’s competitive photography environment, it is more important than ever to have effective tools and systems in place with a proven success rate. He showed us that his multi-step process, used with every client, yields profitable results. While every photographer will have their own system, it is always a good reminder to have a roadmap to success.

My personal road map to success had many important stops along the way. One stop, many years ago, had an incredible impact on my business, and the effects are still being felt today. What was that destination, you ask? Joining the Maine Professional Photographers Association. This pivotal point in my early business days is one of the tools that has contributed to the success of my studio. Meeting colleagues, passing referrals, learning from members, educational workshops, and the general camaraderie I have with other professionals is beyond measure.

Being a member of the MPPA has been one of the most valuable stops on my road to success. If you are reading this, then I know you also have that advantage. It is my hope you will take every advantage of your membership. If you are a new member, attend one (or all!) of our Mentor Workshops. If you are a seasoned member, reach out to another member. Pick up the phone, meet for coffee, or get together for a photo walk, these connections are so important! The MPPA is YOUR organization. It is OUR organization.

Joanne Lee
MPPA President 2014-2015

Our members are so very talented! Here is a showcase of image entries from this past image competition that scored 80 or higher! Enjoy!

Date: Sunday, February 9, 2014 | 1-4 PM (12PM Social Hour & optional lunch)
Location: Romeo’s Pizza | 201 US Route 1, Scarborough, ME

This program will explore and discuss ways to grow your business in a changing marketplace by developing your brand, distinguishing yourself from your competition by building professional credibility as you increase your sales and add new services.

We will discuss how to add volume business to a boutique studio model to gain repeatable, predictable income year after year and how to diversify your blocks of business to insulate you from slow months in studio sales.

We will cover the following topics as we work to create realistic long and short term goals for business growth and expansion into new markets:


In the boutique portion of this program we will touch upon how to:

  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition with products and services and how to add more value to your brand.
  • How to find clients and staff that believe in your vision and want to tell the world.  We will look at how to produce loyal customers that will return time after time and refer their friends.
  • How the right lab products will leave your customers wanting more.
  • Talk about why you should have a 1yr, 3yr & 5yr and even a 10yr plan for your company that includes setting attainable goals for growth.

During the Volume Portion of the program we will discuss:

  • How to find clients that are open to your services. Understanding the clients you want by looking at demographics and data.
  • Learn to make contact; get a face-to-face meetings and get a contract. Discover what school boards and principals want to see in your volume bids.
  • Staffing considerations. Creating profitable packages, prepay envelopes for volume jobs

I photographed the job now what?  Pulling it all together, talking work flow and software, customer delivery and securing contracts for next year.

Register today!


PPANE (Professional Photographers of New England | is excited to serve as the host for the 2014 PPA Northeast District Image Competition and to offer current PPANE members the opportunity to reserve a Mentor Booth at the event.

Four of New England’s IPC approved jurors have volunteered their time and include: Steve Bedell, M.Photog., Cr.; Joan Genest, M.Photog., Cr.; Rene Genest, M.Photog., Cr.; and Ed Pedi, M. Photog. Cr. CPP and current PPANE President.

These Jurors are 4 of New England’s premier photographers who will provide their expertise, talent, experience and encouragement.

You will have the opportunity to bring sample images (prints, laptop, iPad or similar) to receive ‘one on one’ feedback on images you are considering entering in future competition(s).

PPANE is excited to present this educational opportunity to help members improve their images and learn more about the 12 elements of a merit print. Print competition is a great learning experience for every photographer and it will without a doubt help raise the level of your photography.

If you are a current PPANE member and wish to take advantage of this exceptional learning opportunity, please contact Lorraine Bedell at and she will assign you a time and mentor. This event is a FREE PPANE member only benefit and available on a first come, first serve basis. Only 28 slots are available so don’t delay – reserve today!

The date is: May 20, 2014
Time:  9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Allotted for each member:  30 minutes
Location:  Radisson Hotel, 11 Tara Boulevard, Nashua, NH

See you there!

The official Photographic Competition Rules are here!

Have you heard that our annual Image Competition will be DIGITAL for the first time ever this year!? We are so excited! You can view the official Photographic Competition Rules (formally known as “Print Rules”) here.

Some changes you may want to note:

  • The deadline for all digital entries into the 2014 Image Competition is February 21, 2014
  • You can upload and enter your images online at (Go to register, then create a user name and password and indicate MPPA as your organization)
  • The fee for each entry is $15 (you may enter up to 8 images)
  • Album entries will also be accepted in digital format
  • There is no longer a ‘Folio’ category
  • President’s Cup entries (an additional entry for active MPPA members) will still be submitted in PRINT form. Deadline is February 28, 2014
The Maine Image Competition will be held on March 1, 2014 at the Inn at Brunswick Station. Please be sure to review all Photographic Competition Rules (found here) before uploading your entries. And don’t miss our Print Critique coming up on January 16th!



It’s time to submit your points towards an award and earn your lobster pin!

Hello MPPA Members!

Its that time of year again … the air is getting colder, the snow is falling, and photographers everywhere are busier than Santa’s elves getting client orders out the door in time for holiday gift giving.  Yes, its time for you to reflect upon this past year and determine what you may have accomplished or participated in to earn you points for our MPPA Award and Recognition Program. 
Not sure what the programs is about?  You can find the details and the entry form on the MPPA website ( You can use the amazing new electronic form that you can fill out and submit online (easy!) or download and print the form to mail. Please fill out the form and return to Claudia Murray (address and contact info below) by January 31st.  In the past, the deadline has been December 31st but since our convention is not until February, you have until January 31st this year to get your form in. Forms submitted after January 31st will still be accepted for points BUT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY AWARDS AT CONVENTION because if we don’t know about it by 1/31, we won’t be ordering enough awards. 
Don’t put it off … just take a few minutes to fill out the form and submit it. We’ve made it easy – with a click you can see all the MPPA events from the past year, so if you were wondering “what did I attend” hopefully this will help refresh your memory. 
It’s fun to have a competition with your fellow members and friends to see who can get the most points each year … and see who will be the first to receive a Maine Photographic Excellence Award or the Maine Fellowship Award. Remember, if you earn 12 points in a calendar year, you’ll get one of our Lobster Pins, so look and see what you may have already earned.
Earning points is SO EASY!  You get a point for just for being an MPPA member, and one more for each Maine (or other approved) photographic meeting/seminar you attend. This has been a great year of education (and fellowship), and you can cap it off by earning a final point by having attended our holiday party.
And attendance is just a small part … if you entered print competition … or volunteered on the MPPA Board or Committees … or hosted an event at your studio … more points!
So check out the rules/info and fill out the forms on the website.  Any questions?  Contact Claudia Murray (883-9646 or  Good luck, and I hope to see a lot of new award recipients this year!


Jane Conner-ziser will be speaking at our Convention in March on how to take one image to Loan Collection in Photoshop. Read all the details on her program on Monday, March 3rd here. In addition, the MPPA Board has approved a $50 scholarship for all MPPA members who wish to attend her BONUS program the following day, Tuesday, March 4th, 2014. This amazing program will only be open to the first 25 registrants! Click here to download, print & mail your registration form today to reserve your seat today!