Welcome to the MPPA June Wrap-up Newsletter

As MPPA President, I hope to bring my theme of “Together We Learn – Together We Grow” to our members.   The Board’s Mission this year is to give our members access to wonderful programming, guide you toward degrees if you wish to pursue them and bring you access to the most amazing speakers and photographers in our industry.

I truly believe that we can grow & excel… If we are given the right information & inspiration. ~ Trish Logan

I believe this so much so, that I have reached out to photographers; nation-wide and asked them to share with us and help us learn and grow.  

Many are award winning national names, some are beginners as you may be, or once were, each contributor was willing to generously share thoughts, encourage, guide; Or just plain tell the truth about this crazy – ever changing industry we love.


I am thrilled to announce the MPPA “Celebrity Corner”.  This new section may be a guest blog, article or helpful hint from some of the best photographers in the business.  It’s a place for us to learn, be encouraged, educated or just gather inspiration.  All of the contributors are award winning photographers willing to share and inspire.   Each Celebrity guest is from a different region and many different states.

Please join me and welcome them for their willingness to share and help us GROW.

They too believe “Together We Learn – Together  We Grow.”

I hope you enjoy their work as much as I do.

Our Contributors are TOP SECRET!

So keep reading the newsletters and the blog;  you never know who will be sharing next.

On behalf of myself & the MPPA Board of Directors, we can’t thank you enough for being part of our MPPA TEAM!

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Wow it’s been a crazy couple of weeks since convention.   

The new board has met and we are all very hard at work planning the year ahead.   I couldn’t be happier with everyone’s energy and enthusiasm to bring you the very best in events and programming.

We hope to try some new meeting formats and really believe our members will like what they see.  Be on the lookout for updates and information in the coming weeks and months.

Our goal this year is to really bring wonderful programs to help you learn and grow financially, professionally and personally within your business and as professionals. Whether you wish to add more income to an existing studio or pursue education and degrees.  We are here to help!

Remember to check out our website, look under the members tab, and explore the many benefits available to you through the MPPA. 

Take a few moments to read your newsletters and be on the lookout for eblasts, too.   I encourage you to participate in our programming, bring and refer your friends because:   “Together we learn ~ Together we grow!”

I look forward to seeing you all at our next program on June 18th.   Please feel free to contact me at or call me 207-739-2805  if you have any questions or I can be of any assistance.

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Trish - Affiliates

Did you know that you have a voice not only with your Maine Board but also regionally and nationally?   The MPPA has member representatives at the New England Institute of Professional Photography (NEIPP), The Professional Photographers of New England (PPANE) and at the PPA National Level. We are staying in touch to keep you in touch with your state, region and national industry changes and news.

The following members are proud to represent you:

PPANE Board Members:  Director: Trish Logan  |  Maine Rep.: Crystal Reynolds
NEIPP Maine Trustee:  Trish Logan
PPA CPP (Certified Professional Photographer)  Liaison:  Jeff Morris
PPA Council Member & PPA Charities Ambassador:  Trish Logan

Please contact any of us for more information on NEIPP Scholarship Opportunities, to learn how to earn your CPP, or for ways you can participate in PPA Charity events. It’s a great way to bring business to your studio and contribute to fantastic causes.

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Mark will cover:
– Some of his competition images and describe the way he sees, photographs, and processes.
– Demonstrate techniques like panning both moving and stationary subjects, making stitched panoramas, HDR processing, and long exposures
– Demostrate refining the composition.
– Challenge members to do “personal” work with examples of his own varied interests.

Location: Stockhouse Restaurant, 506 Main Street, Westbrook, ME
Date: Thursday, June 18
Time: 6-9 PM


Enjoy dinner with old friends and new at our program on June 18th at the Stockhouse Restaurant.

Program admission is FREE to MPPA members and first time guests.

If you would like to be part of the pizza party dinner, please register online (below). Dinner includes, pizza, soda and two FREE raffle tickets for a chance to win our Door Prize valued at $100. The cost for dinner is $12 (or you may order on your own from the menu). Any proceeds benefit the MPPA Speaker Fund.

Hope to see you there!


$12 Pizza Party Ticket | June 18 | 6-9 PM
Includes pizza, soda and 2 FREE raffle tickets

The Mentor Mission

“The goal of the mentor program is to build and facilitate the connections between mentors
and members as well as those between members for the benefit of all.”

I truly believe that the greatest thing you can receive from the MPPA is quality relationships with other photographers.  It is a network of professionals who work together to succeed in making a living in photography. Each member is your teacher, your student and over time, your friend. We support each other in any way we can because the only competition your really have is within ourselves. Can you be a better photographer, can you deliver a quality image to your client and most important, can you make a living at it?

Here is how it works

This program is for new members first.  If you are not a new member and there is room in the class you are welcome to attend. Classes may be limited and work on a first come, first serve basis. The goal is to have every new member in each class. You MUST sign up with each mentor to have a spot held for you in their class. Simply email the instructor. We hope we can accommodate every new member, but it is not guaranteed. There is no fee to attend!!

Why this works

This works because of you and our talented Mentors.  Each one of the mentors came to the MPPA with a dream of photography.  They are helping you because they want to give back for all that they have received from the MPPA.  The mentors are not paid!!! In fact they are giving up very valuable time.  They are people who want to see you succeed and as a member of the MPPA.

Good Luck,
Bob Akers – MPPA Mentor Program Chairman

Sunday, May 17, 2015 | 12 PM – 3 PM
Branding, Expanding & Social Media
Trish Logan
207-739-2805 |
Photography by Trish Logan, 66 Paris St., Norway, ME
Class limit: 12 people

How to start out new or rebrand your current business
Review your branding with and make up dates and changes to be more effective
How to differentiate yourself from the competition with products and services
The face you show the world & how to add more value to your brand
How to produce loyal customers that will return time after time
Find clients and staff that believe in your vision and want to tell the world
How to use social media in your marketing
Creating a plan for your professional growth
Making a 1yr, 3yr & 5yr and even a 10yr plan for your company
How to set realistic attainable goals for growth

Monday, May 25, 2015 | 5 PM – 9 PM
The Power of Off-Camera Flash
Robert Akers
207-251-2739 |
2 Penny Lane, Kennebunk, ME
Class limit: 12 people

High School Seniors want portraits that make them look cool, different and get them comments like “Amazing”.  So unless you can do a better job than their; Teacher, Mom , BFF or any other random person with a “nice camera”  Why would they pay you real money.  The answer is, they cannot do off camera flash!!!  Period!!!

It takes years to figure out good lighting and how it works.  Unless!!!  Unless,  you have someone who can explain it simply and teach you to do it on the spot.

No matter how good or how bad your camera is, Good Lighting won’t magically happen.  This class will start with the basics of light patterns and posing.  Natural light and up to 3 off camera flashes will be explained and demonstrated thoroughly.  Bring your ”I pad” or cell phone because I will be broadcasting every shot I take with a wireless tether.  You will see exactly how each light set up looks and each pose works, directly from the camera to your device!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015 | 5 PM – 9 PM
Beginner Lightroom & Photoshop
Christal Treadwell
207-357-9219 |
Photo Finish, 550 Center Street, #9007 Auburn Mall, Auburn, ME
Class limit: 12 people

This class will consist of, file management, a beginner level of importing images into Lightroom, basic adjustments, and enhancements, and presets. Exporting options, importing into photoshop and basic retouching, cropping and enhancements to export and be ready to send off to the lab for printing.

Thursday, June 11, 2015 | 6 PM – 8:30 PM
Setting Up Your Business
Russell & Liz Caron
207-233-4050 |
North Dam Mill, 2 Main St., Biddeford ME
Meet at 5:45PM in the building lobby near Perk Coffee Bar
Class limit: 12 people

Home-based or storefront?
Sales tax
Web site
Continuous Self Improvement
Organization, calendars
Backup equipment, files
The #1 mistake of most new photographers
How much to charge?
The time study…how much did you make in that one hour
Print costs

Trish Logan, MPPA PresidentI am very honored and excited to serve as the new President for the MPPA. I want to welcome our new members and thank those of you who renewed your membership for another year!

When I look back at how I became a member, I have to smile and shake my head at how it all came to be and acknowledge how it changed my business and gave me a career I love.

Not so long ago, I was invited/encouraged (heck I was pushed) into checking out the MPPA by a friend and past President. It was the year convention was held in Freeport. He told me if nothing else, that I HAD to come to watch print competition.

I reluctantly agreed, telling him that I could only stay for an hour or so. I couldn’t really see myself as a member of the MPPA, I wasn’t ready to become a full time professional photographer, didn’t feel that being a member was something I needed, and couldn’t picture myself as a professional at that level. I was a beginner, a hobbyist, a newbie to the industry. I was making progress and getting known without joining MPPA, or even PPA, but I went and watched.

My plan was to sit for just a bit and then hit all the great outlets in Freeport. As I sat and I watched, it became clear to me that the judging was like none I had seen before in camera clubs, at fairs, or other contests I entered. This was actually educational, informative and highlighted quality photography like I had not seen before.

The idea of leaving was quickly replaced with the need to stay, to watch, to learn, to grow as a photographer and dare I say it? A professional. I remember sitting, watching riveted by the judging, eagerly anticipating the next image rotation.

They broke for lunch, I stayed. I chatted with strangers who made me feel comfortable and welcome. I watched the print competetion to the very last print. At the end of the day, I never did get my shopping spree in. I spent my mad money, not on clothing or home décor; I spent it on my future. Instead of walking out the door to shop, what I did instead was walk through a door that I had no idea existed.

Meeting everyone that day gave me a vision, eventually a path and then goals. I have had so many people encourage and mentor me since joining and I have done the same for others. Joining the MPPA opened avenues I had no idea were even there. It has led me to join not only the MPPA Board but also serve on Regional Boards and the PPA National Council as well. My business has grown and I get to work at a job I love every day. It has given me life-long friends, and made it possible for me to travel to more than 13 states in the last few years as I pursue my photographic goals.

So the million dollar question: Why join and why rejoin year after year? I get asked that a lot. The answer is easy!

In a world of instant information and free education, MPPA gives us several things that YouTube videos and online education can’t. It gives everyone of us the chance to learn and connect face-to-face with experienced photographers who have stayed the course and survived this ever changing industry. It gives experienced professionals a chance to meet new enthusiastic members that are the future of our industry. The meeting of minds and exchange of ideas can’t be replaced by online chats, videos or podcasts.

The ability to call a friend to assist with a job, help with pricing or a special project, to have the opportunity to try out equipment or gear with a friend can’t be found online.

Ask anyone that attends a workshop or convention; 85% of what we learn is gained over lunch with friends, or in the halls outside those presentation rooms.

The internet can’t refer you for a job or mentor you. It doesn’t connect with you on a personal level. In a world where Facebook friends abound, I prefer actual contact with my mentors, peers and protégés.

I am proud to be an MPPA member and look forward to serving as your President, and I know our Board is as enthusiastic and excited as I am. Call us, reach out to us, volunteer and become involved. We would love to have your help and welcome your ideas. (Find contact info for all Board Members here)

Remember: Together we learn; together we grow.
No one person is smarter or stronger than all of us together!

Trish Logan
MPPA President, 2015-2016

copyright day


If you are a PPA member, you can go online to get a FREE copyright kit and additional information… click here!

PPA is also hosting “Are Your Images Protected?” – a FREE webinar at 3 PM (EST) TODAY. Register here & Be More Protected!



10 Things You Didn't Know About Copyright


Join us THIS WEEKEND for an amazing 3 days of education and networking! MPPA member Brittany Bugaj shares her experience from last year’s convention.

Join us at the Maine Convention on April 11th for a FREE DAY! MPPA Members are eligible to enter into our Annual Image Competition but ALL are welcome to come and watch! It is a great learning experience to listen to the Judges’ comments and a great way to see the Images from professional photographers in Maine! We hope you will be there and join us for our member social after the judging! Invite your friends!

See the 2015 MPPA Photographic Competition Rules here.

Sports Connections: A one day workshop designed to escalate your sports business, with Jeff Gump.
DATE: Thursday, April 9, 2015One day before the Maine PPA Convention!
TIME: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
LOCATION: Brunswick Hotel & Tavern, 4 Noble Street, Brunswick, ME
The cost of the class will include lunch and door prizes! Use coupon/discount code “MPPA”. (Enter code on the final payment screen)

Watch on YouTube

Register today at:

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A little over a year ago I was just beginning my term as president of the Maine Professional Photographers Association. I remember having a list of goals for our organization. In my acceptance speech I called upon our organization to honor the past and embrace the future, with hopes for connecting our seasoned members with our newest members, putting names to faces and creating a network of professionals that lift each other up in the ever-changing world of professional photography. As a personal goal, I hoped to continue to propel the organization forward. This momentum was clear when I took office and I am thrilled to say we are continuing the ascent! As my year at the helm of this great organization draws to a close, it is now time for reflection. In the past year, the Maine PPA has seen incredible growth! Special thanks to our Board of Directors who worked tirelessly to grow the organization and provide a new member mentor program. Since our last convention our membership has grown by 24 new members! This is unprecedented for the MPPA! This year has been filled with so many wonderful experiences, in fact, so many I could never list them all here. Some of the things that stand out to me include, working with an incredibly motivated Board of Directors, hosting talented speakers at our monthly meetings, and planning a convention with a dream team of speakers! Some of the smaller, yet memorable, moments include, sharing a meal with a member in Bangor, photographing a driver at a race track with the help of a fellow Board member, and the many, many one to one conversations over coffee with so many of you. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve this organization. Maine PPA holds a special place in my heart. I feel as though I have grown up as a photographer over the years with the help of this organization. The guidance and expertise of so many members has made me a better photographer, businessperson, and friend. I will always be grateful to the MPPA President so many years ago, who drove up beside me on a scooter and said “Hey, you look like a photographer! You should join the MPPA!”


Joanne Lee
MPPA President 2014-2015

P.S. Check out the 2015 Convention Book here!