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“The goal of the mentor program is to build and facilitate the connections between mentors
and members as well as those between members for the benefit of all.”

We truly believe that the greatest thing you can receive from the MPPA is quality relationships with other photographers.  It is a network of professionals who work together to succeed in making a living in photography. Each member is your teacher, your student and over time, your friend. We support each other in any way we can because the only competition your really have is within ourselves. Can you be a better photographer, can you deliver a quality image to your client and most important, can you make a living at it?


This program is for new members first.  If you are not a new member and there is room in the class you are welcome to attend. Classes are limited and work on a first come, first serve basis. The goal is to have every new member in each class. We hope we can accommodate every new member, but it is not guaranteed. There is no fee to attend!!


This works because of you and our talented Mentors.  Each one of the mentors came to the MPPA with a dream of photography.  They are helping you because they want to give back for all that they have received from the MPPA.  The mentors are not paid!!! In fact, they are volunteering very valuable time.  They are people who want to see you succeed as a member of the MPPA.

You MUST register online below to secure your spot - space is limited!!

Upcoming Maine Mentor Workshops

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