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Image Critique Night - Landscapes & Animals

  • August 25, 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Online Via ZOOM
  • 90


  • May apply up to 3 program fees to membership dues if application submitted within same fiscal year.


Program Description: 

Soon, our 2023 MPPA Image competition will be upon us!  Are you ready?  Would you like some feedback on your images?  Join us in our upcoming image critique night.  Send your own images or, if you prefer,  just listen and learn from other's images.  We'll have 2 judges - Rob Smith & Sandra Miner. 

Please email "" up to 4 images with the following naming convention and maximum dimensions by Sunday, August 21:

    • YourName-1-ImageTitle.jpg
    • YourName-2-ImageTitle.jpg
    • YourName-3-ImageTitle.jpg
    • YourName-4-ImageTitle.jpg
  • The #'s in the name denote which image is most critical to you for feedback.  This allows us to critique everyone's 1's, then the 2's and so on.  If we have time to critique all images, we will!  If we run out of time, the most critical to you will be critiqued.
  • Maximum dimension is 4000 pixels on the longest side saved with JPG quality of 10, which is consistent with our standard print competition rules.

The Critique will be recorded:  

For those who register, we will be recording the critiques and it will be made available for a full 30 days after the date of the critique. So, if you cannot attend 'in person' via Zoom, please register and you can watch it until September 25th.

About Rob Smith: What awards have Rob Smith not won? Rob has reached as high as Diamond Photographer Of The Year at IPC (plus platinum and bronze showings), Maine Photographer Of The Year, graced the cover of PPA magazine twice, and far too many more things to count. He will be moderating this evening of learning and image critique.  We will start off with a short presentation about the 12 elements of a merit image before getting into reviewing the submitted images. Please follow the guidelines as outlined in the graphic in order to participate! Some of our board will be acting as jurors with Rob moderating discussions about the images. Join us and learn from some of the best in print competition!

About Sandra Miner: Sandra is a Maine-based Master Photographer specializing in nature, landscapes, high school seniors and sports portraits. She is a past President, VP and Director of the Maine Professional Photographers Association (MPPA), a Certified Professional Photographer, has earned the Photographic Excellence Award with MPPA and her Master of Photography degree with Professional Photographers of America. During her first year of image competition in 2017, she was awarded the MPPA Photographer of the Year, first time entrant, best in show and court of honor for naturalist as well as earning her first bronze medal with PPA!

Sandy has critiqued images for various organizations and enjoys providing constructive feedback against the 12 elements of a merit image. In the end, however, it’s just one person’s opinion of another person's image. As the image maker, you need to take what you hear from other’s input and decide how (or if) you want to use it! That’s the fun part!

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