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Our Annual Convention is always the 3rd weekend of March. In 2021, the dates are currently set for March 19-21, and admission is included in your annual membership!

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Upcoming monthly programs & events

    • August 17, 2021
    • 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM (EDT)
    • Online via Zoom
    • 89

    When I was a kid I would pin a red bath towel around my neck and jump off the fence—because I was convinced that if I could just believe hard enough, I would fly—like Superman. I have been chasing that dream and story ever since.  

    Storytelling is an integral component of creating amazing composite artwork through photography and Photoshop. Understanding the story of what you seek to create will help you visualize the world of your composite before you ever pick up your camera. This is not just applicable to the complex composites of fantasy and superheroes; this applies to all of our image-making. 

    We make more composites as photographers than we give ourselves credit for. When you add a texture to an otherwise boring background in a portrait, you are compositing.  When you do an infamous face swap in a group photo so everyone's eyes are open, you are compositing.  When you create a breathtaking high school senior sports "montage" that becomes the cornerstone of your senior portrait revenue, you are creating a composite. 

    In this class, we will work to understand how to identify and create the story of our future artwork by deciphering the art of writing and that of Hollywood filmmaking.  Key elements of design will be explored and that will become the foundation that will take us into Photoshop where we will learn the tools to create the stunning artwork of our imaginations.

    David is an award-winning photographer, Photoshop artist, and educator who specializes in unique portrait and photo manipulation art.  Through his brand Reality Reimagined, his artwork spans the genres of fantasy, glamour, fashion and all of the stories found therein.  In 2018, he received the Grand Award from the Shutterfest image competition and was nominated for a Grand Imaging Award in 2019 by Professional Photographers of America.  He continues to offer weekly education in photography and Photoshop artwork through hisYouTube channel, as well as teaching at national photography conferences. The center of his universe is his wonderful wife, Bethany, and his son, Sebastian Charles. They remind him to never be afraid to fly. Together, they travel the world and continue to explore all the imaginative possibilities of Reality Reimagined.

    • September 09, 2021
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EDT)
    • Portland, Maine
    • 3
    In today's market, great senior images are a dime a modern seniors are looking for something different, unique, and eye catching. This is particularly true with senior guys! In this 6 hour class, Josh will guide you through creating fresh senior images that today's senior guys are proud and excited to show off. Using typically unconventional methods for lighting, posing, shooting and editing, you will be sure to find some new techniques in 3 different scenarios with a real senior guy that you can adapt to your workflow immediately that will get your senior guys excited to book their sessions!

    Due to the scope of this workshop lunch will be included, we have a lot to cover in 6 short hours and want to make sure you don't miss a minute of it! 

    Bring your camera for a chance to shoot one scenario during the class. 
    This is a PPA merit class. Earn towards your degree!

    About the Photographer: My goal is to turn ideas into reality and provide excellent customer service along the way. I'm not here to snap your photo...I'm here to hand-craft one-of-a-kind imagery that shows you or your business as you want to be seen.

    Christian. Husband. Father. Artist. Photographer. Photoshopper. Teacher.

    SciFi Geek. Wannabe Musician.

    • December 09, 2021
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (EST)
    • Online Via ZOOM
    • 88

    Program Description: Image editing applications like Lightroom are wonderful for most of our image-developing needs. However, Photoshop provides more options and better control for some types of adjustments and can also do things that just are not possible in other applications. In this presentation, we will take a look at examples of some next level techniques and tools in Photoshop such as luminosity masks, smart objects, blending methods, targeted color adjustments and advanced image clean-up.

    Level:  This class is well suited for intermediate to advanced Photoshop users, however it is also good for beginners and non-Photoshop users to see the art of what's possible.

    Class will be recorded:  For those who register, this class will be recorded and made available for a full 30 days after the date of the class.  So, if you cannot attend 'in person' via Zoom, please register and you can watch it until January 9th (as many times as you like)!

    About our Speaker:  Sean Bagshaw is a landscape and travel photographer, photography educator and experience junkie based in Ashland, Oregon. Sean's full-time photography career started in 2004 and before that was a middle school science teacher. He began taking photos in college to record and share his adventures on rock climbs and mountaineering expeditions. Now he spends a lot of his time chasing light and sleeping in a van down by the river. Photography has provided Sean with some wonderful opportunities. At the top of the list are being a member of the photography team, Photo Cascadia, and working with Tony Kuyper, the luminosity mask pioneer. Sean's previous career as a science teacher makes photography education a good fit so when he's not creating Sean enjoys teaching and sharing what he knows about photography and image developing with others. He teams up with fellow Photo Cascadia members leading workshops around the world. He also teaches digital image developing classes, lectures and offers Photoshop video tutorials through his website and YouTube channel.

Past events

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June 29, 2021 Photographer Meet & Greet - Augusta Area
May 16, 2021 MPPA Monthly Program - Dean Bugaj - A Photo Walk Through the Land of Hobbits and Waterfalls
April 29, 2021 "People 101" with Dr. Megan Marsh of Pencil Events
March 28, 2021 MPPA Virtual Banquet - Awards Recognition
March 22, 2021 MPPA Bonus Program - Mark Mann - The Essence of a Portrait
March 19, 2021 71st Annual Maine Photographic Convention - VIRTUAL
January 28, 2021 MPPA Monthly Program - Chris Keeley - How to do In Person Sales – Virtually!
January 12, 2021 MPPA Image Critique - Rob Smith Moderator
November 12, 2020 MPPA Monthly Meeting: Judy Reinford Digital Painting: Animal Portraits
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September 24, 2020 MPPA Monthly - Josh Hanna's Modern Senior Marketing & Workflow
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August 18, 2020 MPPA Monthly Meeting - Sports Compositing 101
July 22, 2020 MPPA Monthly Meeting - Painting with Photoshop the Sandra Way!
July 13, 2020 MPPA - Virtual Meet & Greet
June 18, 2020 MPPA Monthly Meeting - Creative Bird Photography with Ray Hennessy
May 13, 2020 MPPA Monthly Meeting - Color Grading & Light Shaping in Photoshop with Betty Wiley
May 07, 2020 MPPA Annual Meeting & Image Competition Awards
April 30, 2020 MPPA Annual Image Competition
February 28, 2020 Hunt's Annual Trade Show
January 28, 2020 MPPA Image Critique with Rob Smith
November 07, 2019 "Video 101" with Matt Stagliano of Stonetree Creative and Firelance Media
October 10, 2019 "Paws & Tot's" Workshop with Jen Hargrove
October 08, 2019 "Profitable Mini Sessions" with Jen Hargrove
September 29, 2019 Reaching New Heights with Aerial Photography by Lisa King
September 05, 2019 "Exploring the World of Possibilities within Photoshop" with Ella Carlson
August 01, 2019 "People 101" with Dr. Megan Marsh of Pencil Events
July 11, 2019 "Increase Your Wedding Sales" with Chris Keeley
June 06, 2019 "Crafting the Perfect Blog Post for SEO" with Maria Northcott
May 02, 2019 Food Photography - "Daylight Food in the Night Studio" With Mark Rockwood
April 03, 2019 Member Round-Table - Monthly Meeting
March 18, 2019 Bonus Day | Woody Walters
March 17, 2019 Awards Banquet - Banquet Only
March 15, 2019 70th Annual Maine Photographic Exposition & Convention
February 07, 2019 The Power of Prints, In Person Sales with Thomas Morelli - Monthly Meeting
January 17, 2019 Annual Print Competition Preparation - Monthly Meeting
December 06, 2018 Maternity Photography with Erin Moore - Monthly Meeting
November 08, 2018 Wedding Photography with Stephen Sedman - Monthly Meeting
October 21, 2018 Headshots & Portraits - Photo Walk-about
October 11, 2018 Astrophotography with Dean Bugaj - Monthly Meeting
September 18, 2018 Family Portraits with Kristina O'Brien - Monthly Meeting
July 19, 2018 Street Photography - Photo Walk-about
July 12, 2018 Landscape with Charlie Widdis - Monthly Meeting
June 21, 2018 Fireworks & Friends - Photo Walk-about
June 07, 2018 Senior Portraits with Jen of Darling Photography
May 22, 2018 Editing 101 with Sandra Miner
May 15, 2018 Business Bootcamp with Brittany Bugaj
May 03, 2018 On Location, Off-Camera Lighting with James Flachsbart - Monthly Meeting
April 28, 2018 Branding w/ Trish Logan
April 22, 2018 Print Competition with Lauren DelVecchio
April 22, 2018 Styling for Marketing & Instagram w/Patty Takacs
April 05, 2018 Member Meet & Greet - Monthly Meeting
April 02, 2018 Studio Lighting 101 with Robert Akers
March 19, 2018 Bonus Day | Fine Art Compositing and Business with Brooke Shaden
March 16, 2018 69th Annual Maine Photographic Exposition & Convention
February 22, 2018 Rock-Solid Lightroom Workflow
January 25, 2018 Annual Print Competition Preparation Meeting
December 13, 2017 Printing For Success
November 21, 2017 Booking - The Anti-Sales Approach
September 20, 2017 A Night of Education and Fun - Mini sessions & Non-traditional studio ideas!
September 17, 2017 Concept, from Start to Finish with Lauren DelVecchio
August 16, 2017 Email Marketing with Nicole Boucher
August 06, 2017 Headshot Day
July 19, 2017 Night Photography with Dean Bugaj
July 09, 2017 Steampunk and Parachutes with Ray Peeples
July 06, 2017 Thirsty Thursday
June 08, 2017 Thirsty Thursday
June 04, 2017 Food Photography with Jenn Bakos
May 30, 2017 Creative Portraits & Natural Light with Jen Dean
May 20, 2017 Monhegan Island Photo Adventure
May 17, 2017 Marketing to Millennials with Beth Fitzgerald
May 07, 2017 Maine Mentors | Lightroom & Photoshop with Lauren DelVecchio
May 02, 2017 Maine Mentors | Business Basics with Brittany Bugaj
April 19, 2017 Branding with Tiffany Farley
April 10, 2017 Jump Start Your Business | 3 Session Series with Trish Logan
April 09, 2017 Maine Mentors | Portfolios & Degrees with Patricia Takacs
March 28, 2017 Maine Mentors | Studio and On Location Lighting with Robert Akers
March 17, 2017 68th Annual Maine Photographic Exposition & Convention
March 16, 2017 Pre-Con | Styled Wedding Shoot with Jordan Brittley
February 16, 2017 Hitcher's Guide to Web and Social Media with Ray Peeples
January 22, 2017 Image Critique and Image Competition Preparation
December 01, 2016 Holiday Pinup with Robert Akers
November 17, 2016 Pricing Your Services with Maria Northcott
October 20, 2016 Photojournalism & Editorial Photography with Dave Dostie
September 15, 2016 Fine Art with Nylora Bruleigh
August 18, 2016 Creative Process with Jay Philbrick
July 14, 2016 Photographer’s Yardsale & BBQ
June 16, 2016 Concept Photography with Lauren DelVecchio
May 22, 2016 Maine Mentor Mini Programs
March 21, 2016 Bonus Workshop with Lou Freeman
March 18, 2016 67th Annual MPPA Convention
February 18, 2016 February 18 | Preparing Your Prints for Competition: Part II
January 21, 2016 Preparing Your Prints for Competition: Part I
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